The Clan MacLellan Gallery Journal.

This Gallery Journal is for fellow Clan members and travelers, allowing user to upload picters of there travels and while traveling.

The database by Piwigo a photo gallery software for the web, its free and opensource. Visit there Piwigo website

When you share you pictures of your travels through Scotland and beyond you bring the whole Clan with you, for some of us traveling is difficult and cost are steep.

Maybe we can't be with you in person, but, seeing your pictures we're with you in spirte as you share your travels as your traveling, will be implementing a simple message board so a traveler can send a quick message, "the who, where, when and what, your doing" and pictures have been uploaded and posts to .rss feed.

Clan MacLellan's goals are to encourage involvement in Clan events, Family Genealogy, Highland Game events, Membership, Clan Values, Scottish Heritage, MacLellan History and The MacLellan DNA Project. Membership is the heart of the Clan and providing members with key free features providing a means of sharing there stories, there genealogies, pictures, friendship and sense of belonging to that great and noble family, de MacLellan.
I have one more project to finish up, "A living Story by Clan MacLellan" from roots to branches a living tree.

Project description; guests can read but not submit. A registered user/member opens book in edit mode adds as much as they like and saved as published, only the same user can edit or add to there chapter, each user is a Chapter in the book A living Story.

Anything can be put down, a story, a link to share, a picture or maybe a special recipe for scottish tablet, your Chapter, your story. A Chapter is 100 pages, but only the one that are used will show in the public book.
Thank you for stopping by keep coming back new pictures everyday. Blessings, Webmaster.